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Various social media platforms are the perfect gateway to reach your target customers and promote the brand at the right time.

ادارة حسابات التواصل الاجتماعي

What is the relationship between your customers’ social media interaction and profit?

Various social media platforms are the perfect gateway to reach your target customers and promote the brand at the right time.

Social Media Profits

It expands your potential customer base and facilitates communication with existing customers.

Increase brand awareness by increasing your content engagement rates.

Enhance your presence in different search engines, thus increasing sales and profits.

Gather correct information about your target customers.

Providing better customer service and building a strong and easy relationship with customers.

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Top Benefits of Social Media platforms




Improve your brand front to people with different social media channels




Get a more organic target audience to the website and amplify the search engine optimization

ادارة حسابات التواصل الاجتماعي



Reach & Target future customers, you’ll find them on different platforms




Present unique offers direct to your followers or new customers on social media




Engagement, retarget your Followers easily on their social media channels that are preferred

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Manage the comments and messages from your customers to build on their loyalty to your brand

Our Services For Social Media

Sela Standard

  • Create or Review 3 Social Media Pages

  • Page Settings

  • Managing 3 social media platforms

  • Monthly content plan

  • Search for hashtags

  • Competitor analysis

  • Social media covers

  • Publish 7 content posts per month

  • Post 1 video motion (Video 10 seconds)

  • Monthly Report

Sela Professional

  • Create or Review 4 Social Media Pages

  • Page Settings

  • Managing 4 social media platforms

  • Monthly content plan

  • Search for hashtags

  • Competitor analysis

  • Social media covers

  • Publish 10 content posts per month

  • Post 1 video motion (Video 10 seconds)

  • Publish 11 Story per month

  • Monthly Report

What You Will Get with Social Media Management?

Visual identity design for social media platforms

We provide you with a distinctive set of professional designs for all publications that are shared on various social media platforms and professionally reflect the brand’s image.

Social media account analysis

We carefully analyze the information provided on the performance of your social media platforms along with a detailed study of competitors, ensuring an interactive business plan for your brand.

Content planning

We as professional social media in marketing prepare an extensive work plan to manage distinctive content for all social media platforms, in order to suit the target audience and achieve brand awareness.

Analysis and performance monitoring

We conduct continuous analysis to monitor the performance of your publications, and measure the extent of the target audience’s interaction with them; So that we can identify the most effective elements and focus on them in the future.

Publishing and scheduling

We schedule posts in advance according to an organized and thoughtful schedule for the times the target audience is available on different accounts.

Regular follow-up

We periodically review the various social media accounts and content strategies provided.

FAQs About Social Media

What is AdSela's social media management service?

It is the process of creating appropriate content for your business and posting it on your accounts, analyzing the interaction of followers with this content on social media platforms, and is an ideal way to reach your target audience, and facilitate communication with your existing customers.

What is the cost of getting comprehensive management of your social media sites?

Packages and prices vary according to the content shared, the number of posts, the number of platforms you need to manage, as well as the blueprint for your advertising campaigns.

What does AdSela offer you through the Social Media Management Service?

  • Content Plan

Present a complete work plan for the right content for your target audience.

  • Creative Designs

Creative designs for your publications, that reflect the brand image professionally.

  • Publishing and Scheduling

Scheduling publications with dates commensurate with your audience’s time.

  • Analysis and review of results

Analyze and follow up on publications results, interact with your audience and be careful to develop your strategy.

Who is the team responsible for managing your social media accounts?

Our digital marketing department combines creativity, experience, and skills from a social media specialist who is responsible for scheduling and publishing, a writer who specializes in writing advertising content and publications, a graphic designer to prepare and equips designs, and an electronic marketer who is responsible for advertising and tracking results.

What are the most popular social media platforms to share your content?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter

What are the stages of social media management?

  • Determine the quality of your business and identify competitors
  • Analyze and study your audience’s orientation
  • Create a plan that suits your audiences at each platform
  • Dissemination of content
  • Results analysis and reporting

Why do you need a social media management service?

To support your presence on social media platforms and spread your brand awareness through content suited to the nature of your business and its services and products.

What is the importance of this service in promoting your services and products?

  • One of the basic sales channels to showcase your products and services
  • Raising brand awareness.
  • Build a strong relationship with customers.
  • Enhance your presence on different platforms.
  • Increased interaction with the largest audience.

How to choose suitable content for your products?

Study the target group and learn about their orientation to build a content plan on a strong basis, scalable once a new audience behavior is discovered for each platform.

How can you ask for Social Media Management Services from AdSela?

Go directly to the Contact Us page, register your data, and you will be answered by the dedicated team.

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