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Paid Digital ADS using different channels such as Google Ads, Snapchat ads, Instagram ads, and others are of great importance to all companies and website owners, and bloggers to reach the largest segment of potential customers. The use of digital ads gives brands a great opportunity to be present in competition in the market. And the rapid arrival of its products or services in reaching various segments of the target audience, in addition to the possibility of converting them into permanent customers.

To start using all paid digital marketing platforms requires a good study of the market, competitors, and audience, and the development of appropriate marketing strategies and well-thought-out plans, to achieve the best path for the growth of the brand and its products or services, and to achieve the goals of e-marketing.

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Importance of digital advertising (Social Media ADS and Google Ads) in expanding your activity:

Developing a plan and strategy for paid digital ads is a big task because it requires a good and accurate study of data, data analysis of the company’s current situation or activity and its status compared to competitors in the market, in addition to studying the advertising channels of social media or Google Ads and their impact on the target audience and the extent of interaction on it and its results for the main goal and its consequences In distributing the cost of advertisements, in addition to preparing the target audience accurately and conducting experimental advertising campaigns A / B Testing in order to finally reach successful and effective advertising campaigns in line with the goals that it seeks to achieve, and the services and purposes that the public is looking for.

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Paid Digital Ads Offer Several Benefits:

The beginning of a fruitful meeting with the client to understand all aspects of the project and what its objectives are, then we proceed to study the current status of the project SOWT Analysis and put it with the rest of the competition, followed by developing an action plan and strategy for the entire project, including advertising campaigns on social media and Google Ads, and among the most important steps that enable us By achieving the goals and return of the project ROI by increasing the number of conversions and the required conversion rate from digital ads on various communication platforms.

It increases leads and customers.

Earn more conversions.

You get a high return on your investment.

You see fast, transparent results.

High-quality traffic sources.

You will find out more about your market.

Direct more visitors to your store.

Tackle your competition better.

Reconnect with visitors to your website.

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Our Services in Digital Ads


Google Ads

Google Ads

We help you to achieve more sales and gain new customers through your constant presence in Google search ads, through which you can outperform your competitors .and spread awareness about your brand through Google display and YouTube ads.


Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads

We help you to enhance your brand awareness by enhancing the knowledge of your existing or potential customers, about the services and products you offer; Thus, you can increase the views on your videos and increase the frequency of customers on your website.


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

We help you reach the desired market and attract potential customers through interests and professional levels to achieve brand awareness and website visits.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

We plan to advertise on Facebook to best suit your goals, whether it’s increasing engagement, generating more likes on sponsored posts, motivating customers to take action, or remarketing so you can reach your goals effectively.


Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

We achieve a wide spread of accounts, gain more followers, increase viewers to the tweets that you share with your followers, and use keywords that reflect the interests and aspirations of your customers.


Email Ads

Email Ads

We provide you with an efficient way; To achieve continuous communication with the largest number of customers, more effectively and at lower costs, to achieve effective and repeat visits to the website.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

We provide you with accurate targeting of the audience in different categories, as well as periodic monitoring of reports to improve the performance of advertising campaigns and achieve more profits.

tik tok

Tik Tok Ads

Tik Tok Ads

We help you gain more targeted customers and achieve results, with flexible cost control, performance monitoring, or targeting the right audience, to ensure that you achieve the desired results.




We facilitate the way for you to reach the most significant possible number of customers with one click and at a low cost. You can send advertising for your products or services, ensuring your effective participation and permanent spread at an ideal time with the target customer.

Our Services For Digital Marketing

Sela Standard

  • Suitable for modern businesses with a budget of less than $1,500

  • Marketing plan and strategy

  • Competitor analysis

  • Advertising campaign management "2 platforms"

  • Monthly report

  • Support and marketing consultant meetings per month for 2 hours

  • Writing content for ADS

  • Connecting pixel platforms, tracking codes, and events to 2 platforms

  • Post 1 video motion (Video 10 seconds)

  • Connect the site with GA4

Sela Professional

  • Suitable for modern businesses with a budget of less than $4,000

  • Marketing plan and strategy

  • Competitor analysis

  • Advertising campaign management "3 platforms"

  • Monthly report

  • Support and marketing consultant meetings per month for 3 hours

  • Writing content for ADS

  • Connecting pixel platforms, tracking codes, and events to 4 platforms

  • Connect the site with GA4

What You Will Get with Digital Ads Solutions?

Facebook ADS

Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms in the world and has the most platforms in a number of users as well. It is considered an essential platform in the life of many individuals to follow news or offers or a search engine for its requirements, as well as for written, visual and audio communication, and its importance is no less than the rest of the platforms for the spread of brands, products, and services.

The largest audience for a social media platform in the world.

Rapid spread of the brand, products and services.

Diversity in places to display ads.

Control the type of audience, their ages and interests.

Diversity in content, photos, videos, and writing.

The cost is low and varies according to the type of advertisement.

Instagram ADS

Instagram users for the year 2022 exceeded 1.28 billion users in the world and it is expected to reach 1.44 billion for the year 2025 (source for Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, which represents 22.5 users for the year 2022, this indicates the importance of Instagram ads for the growth of brands by reaching the audience target.

The audience is diverse and large.

Great interaction with the brand.

Diversity in displaying ads.

Control the type of audience, their ages and interests.

Diversity in content: photos, videos, and writing.

The average cost varies according to the type of ads.

Tik Tok ADS

The TikTok platform is considered one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in 2020, with the spread of the Corona virus, for what it provided to young people to express their feelings, ideas, and creativity in the imposed ban. The number of users for the year 2022 reached more than 755 million users, and the platform witnessed many developments in recent times. Most companies have to create paid TikTok ads to address young people.

The very fast growth of the brand.

Variety in the use of video and image ads.

Variety in the use of video and image ads.

Distinguished in choosing the audience and their interests.

Favorite to spread and reach ads.

Medium cost for campaigns by type.

Google ADS

Google Ads is one of Google’s products that most brands in the world depend on. Reaching out to targeted customers by using search keywords that reach more than 8.5 searches per day, in addition to transparency in its selection and approximate cost, which gave it strength to advertisers, in addition to Google ads such as Performance max, Display & Videos for fast reach and outreach for any brand.

More than 8.5 billion searches per day.

Cost according to the selected keywords.

Rapid spread of video or image ads.

Choose where to display ads in some genres.

Diversity in content, photos, videos, and writing.

The cost depends on the choice and type of advertising campaign.

LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin has gained a prominent position among social networking sites for individuals and companies, where the account expresses the identity of the profile and business of the person or company, Linkedin ads you can access very accurate categories and classifications, and for the company to a file and a page on it that gives a stamp of strength to it for what the file shows from data such as services, a number of employees, company data, and means of communication.

Job targeting.

Targeting by companies field.

Variety of types of ads.

High cost compared to other methods.

Very good for service companies.

Very good for companies with a high budget.

E-mail Marketing ADS

E-mail Marketing is one of the oldest paid advertising methods and its importance at this time continues because it provides a smooth means of communication with corporate customers, and email marketing is considered the cheapest paid means compared to social media or Google Ads, but it needs a large list of customer names to benefit from it to a large extent.

Interact with existing customers.

Rating of existing customers.

Personalized mailings for each client.

Automatic interaction with customers.

Build a permanent list of clients.

Detailed offers with specific products or services.


In the last half of 2022, Twitter for ads and the Twitter profile witnessed a remarkable development, such as the addition of geographical location and working hours in the profile, in addition to the ads platform, a catalog feature for Twitter products was added, a new type of Conversion ads, and also a major development in linking the Pixel and identifying events and the target audience.

Balanced expansion of brands.

Spaces for ads to appear are limited.

Variety in the use of video and image ads.

Its ads are preferred in expansion and reach.

Above medium cost for campaigns by type.

Snapchat ADS

Snapchat is considered a strong social media competitor to Facebook, and the number of users varies from one country to another. In the Arab countries, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the countries in terms of the number of users, ranking No. 7 in the world, and reaching more than 21 million users. Snapchat for ads develops its platform Always to make it easier for advertisers to achieve their goals by diversifying the objectives of the types of ads.

Very fast brand expansion.

Different places for ads to appear.

Diversity in the use of video and image ads.

Limited audience selection and interests.

Its ads are preferred in conversions and spread.

Medium cost for campaigns by type.

FAQs About Digital ADS

What is the digital Ads service that AdSela offers?

The radical change in purchasing behavior and ways of promoting products can be observed in conjunction with the increasing movement in the number of users of social media platforms of different categories and ages; So no matter how big they are, organizations are headed to advertising campaigns, so you can attract more potential customers and turn them into loyal customers of your brand, not just visitors.

What kinds of digital ads can you make good use of?

The types of digital ads vary depending on their purpose and the category you target from your marketing campaign

There are many examples of AdSela’s digital campaigns such as:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Twitter Ads

What factors contribute to the success of your Ads campaign?

  • If you are seeking the success of your marketing campaign and achieving the best results from it, consider some important factors:
  • Identify your target audience to reach the ad.
  • Analytical study of competitors and their services and offers.
  • Recognize the nature of your market.
  • Keep up to date

How can you determine the budget for the Ads campaign?

  • Before you start launching an advertising campaign you must set a specific budget for advertising; Because these campaigns require paying for the platform you want to view the advertisement.There are some ads that need to be paid based on clicks like Google Ads and others depending on the number of appearances.Of course, the higher the budget, the better results.

What sites and platforms can you use to launch your Ads campaign?

  • The platforms and sites that enable you to work and manage your advertising campaigns vary depending on the nature and orientation of the audience:
    • Facebook

    The most popular and used platform, through which you can offer various types of designs and content

    • Instagram

    It is the best and most important place for designers because it has a variety of means to provide the best visual content

    • YouTube

    You can promote any service or product you have through a video collection and across different ways whether creating your channel or posting an ad that appears on the YouTube homepage.

    • Snapchat

    Snapchat works to target people demographically and is the best for the Arabian Gulf region.

    • Twitter

    Twitter targets the most abbreviated way of delivering content with a certain number of words; It is a specialist forum.

How can you track campaign results and test their effectiveness?

The creation of digital campaigns is not limited to launching them to target customers, it is necessary to follow up on the results and evaluate their performance, and AdSela follows your announcement daily and ensures that the best results of the campaign are achieved and you share these results through a series of reports; To stay up to date.

What are the launch stages of the Ads campaign?

AdSela’s digital campaign management process is conducted in six basic steps:

  • Study the brand and nature of your business
  • Study your target customers and test the most suitable category
  • Setting key objectives for the campaign
  • Set a budget and timeline for the campaign
  • Campaign Launch
  • Periodic monitoring and continuous follow-up through various reports.

What does AdSela offer you through this service?

AdSela seeks to provide all technical services and solutions in the best way and works to manage various types of advertising campaigns by a competent team through which you can:

  • Target audience identification
  • Achieve awareness of your brand.
  • Send reports to analyze the performance of advertising campaigns and work on their development.
  • Data analysis and utilization for best results in future advertising campaigns.
  • Working on more transfers, high ROI rate.

How can you choose ad content to suit your target customers?

Start thorough comprehensive category research and in-depth study to get to know your audience; So you can develop your strategy and determine the approach.

How can you ask for the service of building mobile apps?

Go directly to the Contact Us page and register your data, and you will be answered by the competent team.

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