E-Marketing and its Importance for Business Success

E-marketing or digital marketing is one of the crucial issues which most business owners- with their diversified commercial activities- research and are concerned with. No doubt all organizations and companies, regardless of their size, aspire to achieve proliferation and access new clients to make more profits. Therefore, there is a growing disposition toward e-marketing.

Given the multiplicity of benefits, it provides businesses or organizations with, digital marketing is concerned with promoting products or services through various marketing platforms like webpages and social media platforms; such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms. In addition, it performs marketing through videos and content.

Benefits of E-Marketing for Business:

Benefits of E-Marketing

Benefits of E-Marketing

The Ability to Measure the Results:

 Digital marketing provides several tools that help in measuring and tracking results; such as the results of the advertising campaigns in terms of the number of ad impressions and clicks, and the interaction of target clients in terms of likes, shares, and clicks. This helps in understanding the attitudes and behaviors of clients and introducing constant improvements.

Reaching out to Target Clients:

One of the most important privileges of E-Marketing or digital marketing is that it helps you define the clients actually interested in your products or services. It enables you to choose clients according to their age, gender, educational level, interests, geographical locations, etc. in a manner that increases the targeted traffic on your webpage or application.

Wide-Scale Proliferation

Your products will no longer be constricted to the local scope; you will also be able to widen your geographical scope by targeting several different cities or countries.

Maintaining the Data of Current and New Clients

Digital marketing helps in making lists of clients’ data, atop of which are their e-mail addresses, and their phone or mobile numbers in a way that assists you to develop a customer service system that allows you to respond to the needs and demands of the clients consistently.

The Facilitation of Purchases

Digital marketing enables you to build an online sales system through which clients can instantly pay online to ensure that clients close the purchase transaction easily and safely through your webpage or mobile app.

The benefits of digital marketing are not confined to companies or businesses. Rather, they extend to include clients as well.

Some of the most important benefits enjoyed by the clients are as follows:

  1. Products are available around the clock. So, clients can access them in an easy and timely manner.
  2. Clients get to know several aspects of the products like the details and merits of the product, its prices, and the former clients’ reviews of it. This helps clients take the right decision in light of their own needs.
  3. The possibility of ordering the products easily no matter where the client is.
  4. Saving the time and effort of clients who needn’t go to the product’s points of sale or be limited to shopping at defined hours.
  5. Offering the client other alternative products when the product s/he wants to buy is unavailable.

Knowing all these benefits, you must be passionate to know the most important methods and types of digital marketing which will aid you to build your brand and render it successful. This is what we are going to explain in the upcoming part.

The Methods of E-Marketing

There is a diversity of E-Marketing methods. Here, we will review each of these methods highlighting the benefits reaped by companies.

Firstly, E-Marketing through Social Media Platforms

Marketing through Social Media

Marketing by Social Media

This is one of the effective methods for companies due to the direct communication it secures with clients. It helps companies achieve the following:

  • Awareness of the brand.
  • A robust relationship and a unique customer service where companies can, through the clients’ feedback on the product or the service, define the requests and needs of the clients. This contributes to building a strong customer service system based on responses to requests, the provision of clients’ needs, and the continuous development and upgrade of what is presented.
  • Targeting a specific segment or category of clients that have an actual interest in the provided products or services.
  • Increasing the traffic on the webpage; you can provide links to your products or services to help clients know all the details through your webpage.
  • Help the brand acquire more confidence and loyalty from the clients.

Second: Optimizing your web page for search engines- SEO Service

SEO Service

SEO Service for business E-Marketing

E-marketing through search engines is considered one of the most important methods that help the webpage to make it to the first page of search results on Google search engine. This is done by using the keywords relevant to your activity that clients use and writing down while they search for their needs so that the webpage could appear on the results displayed on Google search engine. This would help your webpage to do the following:

  • Increasing the organic visits of the clients really interested in your services or products.
  • Decreasing the costs of paid ads and making better revenues of the organic visits.
  • Your webpage will gain the clients’ confidence. Clients often tend to trust organic search results because they are considered reliable given that it is considered to be one of the best companies in their practice. This would contribute largely to increasing your sales.

Third: Marketing through Paid Ads

Marketing through Paid Ads

E-Marketing by Paid Ads

There are various types of paid ads, including Google Ads. These are the ads that appear on the Google search engine. They are amongst the top results. They rely on the keywords used by clients during their search for a specific thing. In addition, there are other special ads for social media sites and ads you watch on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

  • Attaining instant results for your activities.
  • The potential of choosing the clients relevant for the products or services offered in terms of age, gender, geographical location, etc.
  • Meeting various targets of your commercial activity like increasing awareness of the brand, increasing the visits to your webpage, and the possibility that your clients may buy your offered services or products, etc.
  • The ability to measure and follow up the results of paid ads in a way that enables you to constantly develop your advertising campaign’s performance.
  • The ability to access the clients’ significant data to help you maintain constant communication with them and promote products that suit their needs.
  • Building a robust relationship and strong customer service ensuring instant response to all the clients’ requests and needs.

Fourth: Marketing through e-mail

Marketing through e-mail

E-Marketing by e-mail

E-Marketing through e-mail is regarded to be one of the first methods used in e-marketing. But it is still effective. It will never cease to be important because shopping through marketing by e-mail enables you to communicate with the clients that actually did buy the products or services you offer. Then, you can recommend new products and services that meet their needs.

This ensures that the services or products you offer are promoted in a more cost-effective way than the paid ads and guaranteed access to the clients.

Fifth: Marketing through Videos:

Marketing through videos plays a highly crucial role in increasing awareness of a given brand. It has been significantly popular recently because of the numerous positive implications of e-marketing through videos on businesses, atop of which are:

  • E-Marketing through videos largely promotes awareness of a given brand; for it helps clients retain information because it displays the merits of your brand in the form of an interactive story. Besides, many clients prefer to watch a video of the product’s description rather than read it.
  • The video helps optimize the search engines. It is considered one of the backlinks to your website. It is a source of directing visits to your webpage so that the client can sign in, or buy a certain product or service from your webpage.

Sixth: Marketing through Influencers

Marketing through influencers is regarded as one of the means of E-Marketing through social media; this kind of marketing relies on famous people who have a large number of followers and enjoy great credibility among their fans. Marketing through influencers achieves several benefits, including but not limited to the following:

  • Building confidence in your brand quickly.
  • Effectively accessing your target audience.
  • The potential of establishing cooperation and profitable partnerships with other brands.
  • Advertising through new diversified methods, such as stories.
  • Capitalizing on the recommendations of influencers of trying your product or service.

Seventh: Marketing through Content:

E-Marketing through content

Marketing with content

E-Marketing through content mainly provides beneficial and important information on the products or services offered by brands. It enables companies to build an identity and robust communication with clients because this kind of marketing is concerned with providing useful information and solutions to clients considering the intent of the researcher: does the researcher seek information, the trade-off between products and services, or want to make a decision of actually buying the product of service? Thus, marketing through content is concerned with the following four points:

  • Clients’ needs and issues: in this phase, clients would need to identify the best solutions for a problem. For instance, some clients would like to improve their English language with an eye to achieving professional progress.
  • The search: in this phase, clients would be interested in searching for all that can be useful in solving their own problems to meet their needs. They may search for the most beneficial sites for teaching English for instance.
  • Comparison: this phase follows the search process. According to the previous phase, clients would be presented with a set of options to trade-off.
  • The purchase: this is the phase of stability and decisions made by clients. Through the previous phases, clients make the decision to buy and here they implement it.

Therefore, marketing through content facilitates the brand to achieve the following:

  • Establishing trust and communication with clients and supporting the brand.
  • Increasing target clients and maintaining a long-lasting relationship with them.
  • Minimizing the costs of paid marketing.
  • Raising awareness of the brand.
  • The appearance of the brand on search engines in a way that ensures a larger opportunity of accessing clients.
  • Presenting E-Marketing messages in an indirect way.

All that said, it became evident that e-marketing is the future because it delineates for you the path towards your business success and constant communication with your current and potential clients any time 24/7.

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