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Media production services help you present your products or services with high professionalism to your customers in various categories, through a video that explains many details in an easier-to-understand and better way to display.

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What is media productions?

Unique Creative Designs are part of your projects that are artistic, powerful, and unforgettable. It’s about reflection out of the box to make it specific. It may include a custom font created by hand, designing a logo, or having new imagery to make the customer stand out in their market.

These final designs help your business to achieve its goals through offline or online purposes. Offline examples printing Banners, Outdoors banners, online examples Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc…

Media production services help you attract the attention of your customers and promote your brand.

Better communication between you and the audience.

Video helps cement information about your products or services in the minds of customers.

Increase customer interaction with your content, whether in terms of likes or comments on social media platforms.

Increase customer frequency and visit your website or online store and create new sales opportunities.

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The Most Common Media Productions Types


2D Video

2D Video

Get Two-dimensional motion images in a digital environment to improve your business

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TV Video

TV Video

Reach to customers on TV Channel with Creative impression video

3d movie

3D Video

3D Video

Change the images in movement with the third-dimension sensation & feel it


Photo shoot

Photo shoot

Tack creatives Photos that result in a visual objective being obtained.




Reach to customers on Radio & Podcast with Clear & Strong Voice


Drawing Characters

Drawing Characters

Draw a glossy character for your brand

Our steps to implement a high-quality marketing video with attractive content:

Planning the Dimensions of a Story

We plan and shape the graphics and characters in the video; To add a touch of liveliness and realism to the scenes in it.

Writing a Script for a Professional Video

We start by writing a professional teaser text that fits the idea and purpose of the video; So that it is divided into paragraphs and parts in an orderly manner for the scenes and processes of the video.

Stirring Stage

We coordinate the script sequence and graphics after adding sound effects, animation and voiceover so that the performance matches the content of the video.

Design & Create Graphics

We convert graphics into graphic designs in accordance with the provided content and achieve an element of coherence between them.

Review and Presentation

Review all setup steps and accurately ensure that the sequence of video output is professional and of the required quality.

Audio Commentary Stage

We add the audio commentary part of the video with high quality and clear volume; This ensures that the idea of ​​the video reaches the recipient appropriately in order to increase interaction and achieve the goal of the video.

FAQs About Digital ADS

What is the Motion Graphic Service?

Motion Graphic is a digital technology that integrates different data from images, texts, audio, and videos, to make it look like a live image of reality, via a range of specialized programs.

What are the advantages of getting this service from AdSela?

  • Writing an effective script and content to promote your products
  • Increase customer interaction with the content you offer
  • Better communication between you and the public
  • Choose the best voices for voiceover
  • Distinctive drawings and elements attract the attention
  • HD quality for all clips and videos
  • Smooth stirring and realistic touch

What is the importance of Motion Graphic for your organization or establishment?

Motion Graphic Video is the property of content in attracting customers and displaying products and services attractively, along with its ability to deliver your message in the best image and fastest time; So it became one of the best marketing tools and mechanisms

What are the steps of designing a Motion Graphic video?

  1. Prepare a script idea and a screenplay for the video.
  2. Audio Recording
  3. Drawing StoryBoard and Skitch
  4. Processing elements and graphics on software
  5. Move graphics and items professionally
  6. Integrate background and sound effects
  7. Final video output and delivery

What are the design requirements of Motion Graphic Video?

The Motion Graphic video design process requires several different elements such as screenplay, photos, videos, and audio commentary.

And you should start by identifying the required elements before you start implementation so that the designer can arrange and prepare these elements well and combine them in a real-life way.

What is the cost of designing a Motion Graphic video?

Motion Graphic video design cost depends on:

  • Scenario and length of the video
  • Nature of the required items
  • Audio segment and sound effects
  • Time is taken at work
  • Field of Work and Target

But AdSela offers a different package at competitive prices and high-quality standards.

What is the best software used in motion graphic design?

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Animate
  • Cinema 4D
  • Maya
  • Blender

How can you ask for the service of building mobile apps?

  • Go directly to the Contact Us page and register your data, and you will be answered by the competent team.

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